Conditions and invoice

We get a lot of questions about our media. The question is most often about how we publish articles. Here we summarize some of the frequently asked questions and conditions when ordering.

Each article includes a dofollow link and a so-called trust link

On the pages, it is a picture with a text in it so that readers know that they are about a sponsored article, this to maintain the Danish laws. Otherwise we do not mark any link with sponsor tags or nofollow.

We accept most topic, but if the topic are casinos, loans, games or other similar, it will cost a bit more. Contact us for info.

After an article is published, you get a link and an invoice where you have 8 days to pay the following, if the invoice not will be paid on time, the article will be deleted until the payment is completed. After payment, it will go online again.


If it is a Danish company or private individual in Denmark, VAT is added to our prices, if it is a foreign company, VAT is not added. We send invoices in Danish kroner and in euros.

You can usually expect the same or next business day.

Minimim 2 years or as long as we manage the websites, so maybe forever. If viruses, other technical problems such as malware occur on the site, we disclaim liability.

We do not usually take responsibility for the page being indexed. Sometimes we make exceptions.



Administrator Norh media - contact me for questions or and etc.